Artist collaborative

Pursuing new ideas in art, installation and performance.

Close up view of green pigment on the edge of a plinth.Projection of a life drawing onto a wall, cropped view of the head and torso.Annoted text with the words ‘challenging’ and ‘advocate change’ and ‘creating new experiences in art’ circled in penArtists De Sousa and Cieciura stood in an expansive roof space facing away looking out.Close up view of an abstract sketch.Elongated scrunched and twisted paper in the foreground with black and white drawings of the paper in the background.Video camera live view screen displaying a woman sitting on a chair and the point of focus is her face.Magnified handwritten letters in three lines, some letters are scribbled out and the whole word is unclear due to the crop.Silhouetted heads in an audience and an out-of-focus view of a live art eventArtist De Sousa handing out flyers in the street during Brighton Fringe.Artist Cieciura drawing a chalk circle on the floor using a large wooden compass.