Artist collaborative

In 2011 Cieciura and De Sousa set up Critique: a series of workshops for MA students at the Faculty of Arts Brighton. As a platform for artistic development, discussion and review, these experimental workshops provided artists with the means to integrate critical theory with their artistic practice.

Projection of the text ‘Critique’ and a life drawing of a female figure.Multiple drawings from a workshop displayed across the wall and a single female student in the room.Flyers for an artist critique session neatly stacked.Crop of a critique session poster with a hand drawn outlined circle as the design.A hand from a mannequin reaching up with drawings in the background.Students sat round a table making notes and viewing a projection of a painting.Artist De Sousa holding up a critique session flyer standing in front of wall-text ‘Catherine Yass’.Multiple critique session flyers with varying designs and students’ notes written on them.Female student drawing over a carousel-projected image onto wall of multiple drawings.Two female students drawing over a projected image.Blue pastel covering an uneven surface with a horizontal groove through the centre.White paint on a binbag wrapped around an object, with a section of rope beside.Close up of a student creating a red and yellow abstract shape drawing using chalk.