Artist collaborative

Cieciura/De Sousa invited 4 artists to take part in an experimental live event, ‘Extend and Restrict’ hosted by ONCA gallery Brighton. The artists were encouraged to manipulate and construct unique mark making instruments from limited objects and materials. The event was divided into 3 sections: Sand/Brush, Fabric/Light, Paper/Rock. The filmed event was shown as part of the ‘Making Tracks Film Night’ at ONCA gallery.

Participating Artists: Fiona Geilinger, Lisa Robinson, Marina Tsartsara, Fiona Wilson
Photography by Isaac Leach

Artists setting up a camera and discussing how to approach the upcoming live art workshop.Artists watching a collection of inspiring performance art clips projected on the wall of a gallery space.Artists Cieciura and De Sousa pouring sand and laying a brush down for the workshop.Close up of a range of brushes and a pile of sand.A spiral shaped charcoal and sand drawing on the floor.An artist's foot in a brushed patch of sand.A laptop screen displaying the text ‘Fabric/Light.’A close up of an artist with wide-stitch Hessian over her face.A hand taping Hessian to the wall with a light casting shadows on the wall.A plinth with a stack of paper on top and the text ‘Paper/Rock’ projected on to it.Crushed up red chalk rocks and pigment being poured on to a surface.A rock and coloured pigment on top of a stack of paper sliding off a plinth.Green pigment on the edge of a plinth and green dust hanging in the air.Artist holding up a piece of paper with a red trace left from pigment sliding off onto a stack of paper.Remnants of coloured pigment on a plinth and paper on the floor.