Artist collaborative

As part of Brighton Fringe 2013, Cieciura/De Sousa presented The Illuminated: a live art experience based upon Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Responding to the same brief, Cieciura and De Sousa presented a spontaneous dialogue in front of a live audience at St Andrew's Church in Hove on 31/05/2013.

Overhead projector, digital projector and traditional artist materials prepared for a live art event.Artists Cieciura and De Sousa fixing a paper canvas to a large wooden support in the presence of a live audience.Artist Cieciura applying the word ‘DOXA’ using an oil stick to a large paper canvas.A silhouetted projection of artist De Sousa's hand and partial text onto a large paper canvas.Artist De Sousa side profile with a tooth pick in his mouth working with an overhead projector.Artist materials and a printed text quote from ‘The Republic’ on an acetate sheet.Audience in church pews viewing a live artwork by Cieciura/De Sousa.Hexagonal shapes projected onto a large paper canvas.Hexagonal shape stamped onto the back of an audience member's hand.Artist Cieciura responding with an oil bar on canvas to projected shapes created by artist De Sousa.A projection onto canvas of abstract ink blots on cling film.Artist Cieciura using paint brushes on canvas in response to projected ink blot shapes.Acetate sheet with white powder, placed on an overhead projector.A very large drawing of an abstract shape in black and white laid on the floor in a church.The text ‘DOXA’ in black hand drawn lettering on a sheet of paper canvas.A black hand-drawn reproduction of a line on a z-fold keepsake.On the reverse of a keepsake there is a quote from ‘The Republic’ 518a, Plato.Sketches of hexagons and other shapes with artist notes on white A3 paper.Small pink hexagonal shapes on paper, layered beneath a refraction diagram on yellow acetate.White chalk line drawing on black background.