Artist collaborative

On 31 May 2014, Cieciura/De Sousa distributed instructions for the instant construction of a noise machine. In response to a text by Luigi Russolo, ‘Noise accompanies every manifestation of our life’, the instructions were placed on a plinth and positioned in various public spaces for members of the public to engage with and access.

Vector line drawing of a conical shape.De Sousa applying vinyl lettering reading ‘INSTRUCTIONS FOR A NOISE MACHINE’ to a plinth.De Sousa carrying a plinth through the streets of Brighton.Plinth on a pavement titled with ‘INSTRUCTIONS FOR A NOISE MACHINE’ and stacked paper on top.Plinth in a central Brighton street location.Plinth in a park on grass in central Brighton with people sitting at an outdoor café in the background.Stack of paper on top of a plinth shows a graphic conical shape as the instructions for a noise machine.Curious man looking at a plinth and stack of paper in a park.De Sousa sat on the pavement behind a plinth at an outdoor market between other stalls.A curious lady examining the stack of paper ‘instructions’ on top of the plinth at an outdoor market.A drawing in blue ink of a conical shape with letters scattered on the shape.A notepad filled with notes and sketches.