Artist collaborative

STAGE was a live art experience as part of the Theatre Royal Brighton ‘Out of Hours’ programme. The event gave audiences the chance to explore the 200 year old building whilst engaging with a series of live artworks that respond to the Emily Dickinson poem ‘One need not be a Chamber’. Each of the artworks evolved over a duration of 45 minutes, confronting the viewer with a work ‘in progress’ at every turn.

Participating Artists: Ken Iizuka, Grace Hosken, Fiona Geilinger, Cyn de Wolf, Lisa Joffe
Photography by John Williams and Sally Wilkinson

Front and back of a minimally designed keepsake for the event titled STAGE.Artist Ken Iizuka in a Theatre stairwell alcove revealing a wax drawing using black ink.Spectators viewing artist Ken Izuka's wax and ink drawing in a theatre stairwell.The first verse of Emily Dickinson's poem ‘One need not be a Chamber’.An intense blue-white light escaping from behind a locked door and small window in an alcove.Three people experiencing an intense blue- white light in a theatre stairwell alcove.Artist Grace Hosken's description of her response to the second verse of Emily Dickinson’s poem.An animation of two silhouetted figures dancing, projected onto an iron curtain in a theatre auditorium.Artist Fiona Geilinger dressed in white performing a dance within a theatre auditorium stalls.Blurred figure in motion traversing a theatre auditorium stalls.White line perspective drawing on stage, covering the floor and chairs.Cynthia de Wolf's artwork in keepsake ‘Trail of Thought’: a large-scale perspective drawing on stage.Spectators viewing a perspective drawing created by white duct tape and lit by blue theatre lighting.Artist Cynthia de Wolf creating a perspective drawing on stage.Artist Cynthia de Wolf applying duct tape to the floor on stage.People experiencing a live painting being creating in a dressing room at the theatre.Close up of artist Lisa Joffe creating a live painting in a dressing room.People viewing an abstract grey, amber and yellow painting in a dressing room.A black, grey and white abstract painting and an out of focus spectator in the background.The fifth verse of Emily Dickinson's poem that starts ‘The Body – borrows a Revolver –’.