Artist collaborative

ZANG TUMB ZANG was inspired by the 1914 Marinetti narrative poem, Zang Tumb Tuuum: Adrianopoli ottobre 1912: Parole in libertà.

ZANG TUMB ZANG was exhibited at the multidisciplinary music and arts festival: Fort Process. The original poem was split into two with sections omitted into silence, leaving the onomatopoeic staccato of Marinetti’s vocalisations in place. Two speakers at each end of a long subterranean brick tunnel played out the audible poem, one speaker after the other in sequence. A chalk line marked the exact centre of the tunnel; a division between.

Collaboration with Caleb Madden

Flashing black and white animation displaying the text: ZANG TUMB ZANG 3 SEP 2016 TUMB ZANG TUMB 3 SEP 2016.The artist Tiago De Sousa drawing a chalk line on the floor.An entrance to a tunnel and a sign reading: CAPONIER.Steps leading down to a subterranean tunnel.A speaker with white keepsakes placed on top.White keepsakes reading ZANG-TUMB and a lone line connecting the words.A split view of a tunnel showing both ends with a speaker at each end.A speaker with black keepsakes placed on top, reading TUMB-ZANG and a lone line connecting the words.