Artist collaborative

Zero on Sea was a visionary international art project due to launch on Scheveningen pier, 1965. The project never happened. In 2015 TodaysArt celebrated this event and Cieciura/De Sousa were selected to create a participatory art experience on the same pier. GŁnther Uecker wrote in ZERO 3, ‘Immediate experience comes only when we ourselves participate. To obtain widest participation, the production of art must cease to be limited to the individual.’ Over 2 nights, each participant was handed 10 utilitarian paper hole strengtheners and invited to create a collective artwork, revealed in UV torchlight. A keepsake wristband gave context to the work with the line from the Zero poem: ‘Zero is the beginning.’

A circular white sticker on a metallic surface.Cropped view of two male figures and a poster promoting TodaysArt festival 2015.A boiler suit, book, wristbands and stickers laid out on a hotel bed.Signage and promotion for TodaysArt festival.A strip of white wristbands with the text 'Zero is the beginning. Zero is het begin.'.A cluster of white stickers forming a pattern.A trail of white stickers lit in UV light.A person sitting on another person's shoulders, applying stickers to a ceiling structure.A cluster of white stickers lit in UV light forming an abstract pattern.A person applying stickers to a pillar.An abstract pattern formed by teared-up circular stickers. White circular stickers and graffiti reading 'OPA'.Wristbands around a person's wrist for TodaysArt festival.A single white circular sticker under a rusty concrete-fixed ladder step.White circular stickers against a vivid blue bin.Close view of abstract shapes formed from stickers.A recent sunset beyond a pier platform in the North Sea.A large white circle with two white stickers inside to form a face-like image.White stickers on a pier safety barrier.White stickers on a vent lit by UV light.A line of white stickers along the floor and up a wall.